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Have you ever experienced the difference between sitting on sofas and chairs following professional furniture cleaning? If not, professional upholstery cleaning is definitely something to consider. You can rely on Nashville Carpet Cleaning’s upholstery cleaning to bring your furniture back to life after just one deep cleaning treatment! We offer a full spectrum of upholstery cleaning services. Whether it’s removing the dust from the formal living room furniture, spotting the dining room chairs, or deep cleaning the beloved family room couch, we can do it all! We service Williamson and Davidson counties, including Belle Meade, Brentwood, Franklin, and more.

Benefits Of Our
Upholstery Cleaning Services

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Professional upholstery cleaning sanitizes and maintains the longevity of your furniture, saving you from having to spend money to replace the furniture in your home or office. Whether it’s pet stains, coffee spills, paint or crayons, or red wine, we can bring your furniture’s upholstery back to life!

Your cars, like your home or business, are important to keep clean and sanitary for many reasons. The upholstery in your vehicle absorbs dirt, dust, grime, and unpleasant odors, especially if you eat or smoke in your vehicle. We can restore the upholstery in your vehicle and the best part is we’ll come to you! Get your vehicle’s upholstery cleaned while you’re at the office or spending time with your family at home.

  • Restore Beauty To All Of Your Upholstered Surfaces
  • Over time, your upholstered surfaces will accumulate dust, dirt, and stains that are hard to get out of your furniture. That’s why we recommend getting all of the non-leather fabric in your home or business cleaned at least once per year. Anything from mattresses to bed frames to drapes, Nashville Carpet Cleaning can serve all of your upholstery cleaning needs!

The Proof is in the Cleaning

Cleaning the upholstery in your home or business isn’t a task you want just anyone doing. You might think it’s something you can do better yourself at a lower cost, but here’s why you should hire us:

■ Industry-Leading Equipment

We use some of the most powerful and results-driven tools in the industry. Our hot water extraction units (steam cleaners) have adjustable water pressure and temperature settings to fit the needs of any situation no matter how dirty or delicate your fabric may be. The unit’s vacuum line removes nearly all water from the upholstery along with any dust, dirt, or residue. We offer pet and eco-friendly cleaning products to all of our customers because the safety of your home, family, and pets is our top priority..

■ Quality-Trained Professionals

Our team is trained and certified in all aspects of upholstery cleaning so that you don’t have to be. Every one of our cleaning professionals goes through an extensive training program that involves written and field evaluations. Most importantly, our team is here to serve you and your needs in the way that suits you best, not to simply make a sale. Our business is built on the foundation of exceptional customer relationships and providing extensive knowledge and value to our customers time and time again.

How can clean upholstery benefit your business?

First impressions are huge when it comes to building lasting relationships with customers and employees. Choose a reliable commercial upholstery cleaning company that can keep your high-traffic spaces sanitized and inviting. By keeping your soft surfaces neat and sanitary, you’ll be; Making a positive impression on customers and employees; Preventing health issues related to dust or bacteria buildup; and Saving money on costly furniture replacements down the road. Call 615-693-6370 now to speak with a commercial upholstery cleaning specialist serving the Nashville, TN area.

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