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Most carpet cleaning techniques leave behind an unwanted, soapy residue. We provide top-of-the-line steam cleaning, the only cleaning process recommended by carpet manufacturers. Several things can be hiding in what appears to be a clean carpet such as; Dust, Dust Mites, Pollen, Mold Spores, & Pet Dander – Our process will sanitize, remove allergens and spots (including pet spots), and give you peace of mind knowing your carpet looks and feels it’s very best. Let us be your carpet cleaners in Middle Tennessee and throughout the surrounding areas, which include Williamson and Davidson counties, including Belle Meade, Brentwood, Franklin, and more. Contact us today for more information or a free estimate.

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Don’t buy new carpets if they have stains or odors. Let us rejuvenate and maintain your home’s carpet. We take pride in providing carpet cleaning services at an affordable price. No hidden fees or up-charges, and we offer military and senior discounts. Ask us how we can make your carpet look like new today!
Whether you are in your home or office, sanitizing your carpets is a guaranteed way to improve the overall condition of your environment. Using pet and eco-friendly cleaning products, we can help solve your cleaning solutions without you having to worry about the safety of your family, friends, or pets.
We take pride in being Nashville’s #1 carpet cleaning service and we want to show our commitment to you by guaranteeing our work. That means if you aren’t satisfied with the service you received, we’ll come back at no charge to make it right. That’s the Nashville Carpet Cleaning way!

The Proof is in the Cleaning

Cleaning the carpet in your home or business isn’t a task you want just anyone doing. You might think it’s something you can do better yourself at a lower cost, but here’s why you should hire us:

■ Industry-Leading Equipment

We use some of the most powerful and results-driven tools in the industry. Our hot water extraction units (steam cleaners) have adjustable water pressure and temperature settings to fit the needs of any situation no matter how dirty or delicate your carpet may be. The unit’s vacuum line removes nearly all water from the carpet along with any dust, dirt, or residue. We offer pet and eco-friendly cleaning products to all of our customers because the safety of your home, family, and pets is our top priority.

■ Quality-Trained Professionals

Our team is trained and certified in all aspects of carpet cleaning so that you don’t have to be. Every one of our cleaning professionals goes through an extensive training program that involves written and field evaluations. Most importantly, our team is here to serve you and your needs in the way that suits you best, not to simply make a sale. Our business is built on the foundation of exceptional customer relationships and providing extensive knowledge and value to our customers time and time again.

Steam vs. Dry Cleaning

Nashville Carpet Cleaning uses steam cleaning because it is the only carpet cleaning method known to remove at least 97 percent of dirt and bacteria from carpeting. It is also the only method that reaches all the way down to the lowest layer, or “pile”, of your carpeting to clean it thoroughly, making it the best method for dealing with ground-in or difficult stains. In fact, most carpet manufacturer warranties require that the homeowner be able to show proof of periodic cleaning by a professional steam cleaning service, as it is accepted as the best way to clean carpets. Methods such as “dry” cleaning involve the use of a chemical solution to remove dirt from your carpet. Some of these solutions are called “dry” shampoos, although that term is used lightly. They are not in fact completely dry but use less water than steam cleaning. Because chemical solutions only work in the top layers of carpet, they are less effective for treating deep stains and odors. Also, there is a tendency for some chemical residue to be left behind on your carpet, meaning you and your family can be exposed to these chemicals. For individuals who are concerned about chemical exposure, steam cleaning may be a better option.

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Great carpet cleaning service and is easy to work with. I will be using them again in the future
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Nathan Ostrander

Carpet Cleaning in Nashville

Nashville Carpet Cleaning did an amazing job on a couple of carpets of mine! They were quick to respond and give me a quote. Danny was very nice and respectful. Then they did a great carpet cleaning job that was on time and at a reasonable price. Would definitely recommend them!
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Josiah Walker

Carpet Cleaning in Nashville TN

They have good communication, they’re friendly & professional. I will definitely have them return for another carpet cleaning when needed.
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Michelle Desrocher

Frequently Asked Carpet Cleaning Questions

This is situational, so in that case, we encourage you to contact us and we can provide you with the next steps until we arrive on site.
Typically, it takes two to three hours; depending on environmental conditions and the type of carpet.
It depends on factors such as the type of flooring, usage, animals, and children, but we recommend our average customer clean every 12-18 months.
If you are having your floors cleaned, you can walk on the floor immediately after the job is finished. If we are resealing tile or wood, dry times will vary and may require reduced traffic for up to 24 hours.

It typically takes most carpets 2-3 hours to dry completely. However, depending on humidity levels and the type of carpet material it can sometimes take longer. If your carpets are still damp after 8 hours, call us immediately.

Yes, you will receive an appointment confirmation via email and an automated text message letting you know when the cleaners are on their way. You can respond to text messages to communicate directly with the cleaners in case you need to provide details or if you’re running late for your scheduled appointment.

Some things are helpful to us when we are coming to your home or business. Vacuuming large debris and picking up small items off the floor or carpet we will be cleaning helps save us time. If you have children or pets, it’s best if they don’t have access to areas we’re cleaning while we’re on-site in order for us to provide the best, and most thorough service possible.

We calculate the price of each job on an individual basis. Prices are based on factors such as square footage, type of floor, and the amount of furniture being moved. We can provide a free in-person detailed estimate.
Most jobs are complete in 1-3 hours and can be walked on immediately following completion. However, certain items such as upholstery, newly finished wood, and sealed grout require additional drying time.
No, in fact, we recommend leaving your furniture in its current location and we can clean right around it. If furniture sits flat on the ground (no legs), it’s likely that the floor underneath isn’t dirty and leaving it in place will reduce your cost. If necessary we move furniture and replace it immediately.
If we move your furniture we will replace it and use protective measures, so no furniture or carpet becomes damaged. However, if you move furniture, it should be left off the floor for 24 hours before it is replaced.

Payment for services is due upon the completion of the service. If you book an appointment with us and you have to cancel or reschedule we do not charge any cancellation or rescheduling fees but we do ask that you try to give us at least 24 hours’ notice as a courtesy to us.

The price you are given online or over the phone is an estimate, meaning it’s not “set-in-stone” or a guaranteed price. However, our staff is trained to ask the right questions to get as close to the exact price as possible. Nine times out of ten the final price isn’t more than $30 of the estimated cost given over the phone or online.

We accept cash, checks, all major credit and debit cards, Venmo, Cashapp, and Zelle. Your cleaning professional will take payment once the service is completed onsite using an Ipad for you to use touch-to-pay or manually by manually inputting your information. We also offer contactless payment options such as taking a credit or debit card over the phone or sending an invoice via text or email with a link to pay online.

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